Design is what your event will look and feel like. We promise to create spaces that make you and your guest feel welcomed, seen and loved. We take your inspiration, ideas, photos, thoughts and dreams, combined with our keen sense of design and killer vibes to visually create your one-of-a-kind event. Your style, vision and spirit will be at the heart of every decision we make in transforming your space for your special event. We bring colors, ideas,

textures, drawings, photos, thoughts and dreams together to create the thing that will make your jaw drop. Think of it like the blueprint of your event, after telling us what you want we create a completely custom, aesthetically cohesive design. What do we design? Great question, the possibilities are endless but here are some of the most common; lounges, sets, backdrops, weddings, tablescapes, photoshoots, points of impact and so much more.

Our design services are customized to your wants and needs and will vary depending on the project at hand. Our design consultations by themselves start at $85 an hour and can include anything from design boards, product sourcing, unique ideas, concepts and sketches. Inquire below and ask about adding on some styling to complete the package.

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